Höherlegungsfedersatz für Vito/V-Klasse 447
Höherlegungsfedersatz für Vito/V-Klasse 447
Höherlegungsfedersatz für Vito/V-Klasse 447

Lifting spring set for Vito/V-Class 447

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Take your V-Class to the next level with theVansports lift springsfor adventurous terrain.

Further information
  • Chassis springs for raising +30 mm to the standard vehicle
  • Suitable for all Vito and V-Class vehicles from the 447 series (all-wheel drive, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive)
  • Installing the suspension springs allows the use of a larger wheel/tire combination.
  • The drive shafts and drive shafts are subjected to greater stress when the lift springs are installed. The service life of the cardan shafts may be shortened.
  • After assembly, a vehicle measurement must be carried out in accordance with Mercedes-Benz specifications.
  • Proof of vehicle measurement is part of the TÜV parts report included in the scope of delivery.
  • A vehicle demonstration with vehicle acceptance in accordance with §19 StVZO is required after the lift springs have been installed.

The pictures show a V-Class (Vito) with an installed lift spring set and PROTECT 1 side skirt tubes, as well as FIVE rims with AT tires 235/60 R17 (including speedometer kit)

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