Delivery to Switzerland

As a private or corporate customer with a place of residence or business in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, you can order your goods via .

How it works

  1. Before you register in the Hartmann Tuning online shop, you must register at
  2. After registering, you will receive your personal email address, which you can use to register in the Hartmann Tuning online shop .
  3. The billing and delivery address for your orders to Switzerland or Liechtenstein is:
    MeinEinkauf GmbH
    Maybachstrasse 19
    78467 Constance
    You are ordering your goods in the name and on account of MeinEinkauf GmbH in Germany.
  4. After your order, we will send your goods to MeinEinkauf in Konstanz after full payment.
  5. After handing over the shipment to the shipping service provider, you will receive an email from MeinEinkauf with the invoice for the service fee to be paid. The payment term for this invoice is 20 days from the invoice date.
  6. MeinEinkauf will send your package to your Swiss address. You stored this in your MeinEinkauf customer account when you registered. MeinEinkauf also takes care of the payment of Swiss VAT and customs clearance of the package.

What is to be considered? email address

For successful and smooth shipping to Switzerland, registration with a email address and the above-mentioned billing or delivery address of MeinEinkauf GmbH is required. We ask for your understanding that direct orders to Switzerland that are not processed via MeinEinkauf will be subject to the usual shipping costs, which can be seen on the Shipping and Payment page.

fees charges a fee of CHF 17.90 per shipment for this service up to a maximum of 100 x 60 x 60 cm with a maximum of three items and a maximum weight of 10 kg (as of February 10, 2022). Shipments with a larger number of items, other package dimensions and weight classes as well as bulky goods will be subject to shipment surcharges. More information about fees can be found here . The fees are in addition to the shipping fees charged by us and will be invoiced separately by MeinEinkauf.

Payment Methods

Payment for your order in our shop can only be made via PayPal, credit card or advance payment, as is only allowed to export goods to Switzerland that have already been paid for in full. Payments on account, cash on delivery or installment payments are therefore excluded. Please note that choosing another payment method may result in the items being returned to us. MeinEinkauf charges a fee of CHF 19.90 (as of February 10, 2022). More information about fees can be found here .

Shipping times

Since we first send your ordered goods to MeinEinkauf in Germany and they then take care of the onward transport to Switzerland, the shipping times, according to MeinEinkauf, are extended by approx. 1 - 2 working days for standard deliveries and by approx. 5 - for freight forwarding deliveries. 7 working days. Further information about freight forwarding can be found here .


For customs reasons, returns of goods processed via MeinEinkauf must be made via MeinEinkauf's returns service.

To do this, send the goods with domestic postage to:
MeinEinkauf AG
c/o Zecchinel Center
Main Street 137
CH-8274 Tägerwilen

Returns will be charged a service fee of CHF 9.90 plus domestic postage per item by MeinEinkauf (as of February 10, 2022). Please also note our right of withdrawal .

What cannot be ordered?

There are a number of goods that cannot be delivered to Switzerland and therefore cannot be purchased via You can find a list of these goods here . A service fee of CHF 19.90 (as of February 10, 2022) will be charged for the return of goods to us by MeinEinkauf that may not be imported into Switzerland.

Additional processing fees

If packages are not allowed to be imported into Switzerland because, for example, they are too heavy or too large or the order is not placed via a email address, will charge fees for this. For more information, please see “Additional Processing Fees” on the Pricing page.

data protection

For customs clearance and for the smooth processing of the order, it is necessary to send invoice documents to MeinEinkauf GmbH. Please also read our data protection declaration .

fast delivery

All products are shipped via UPS within a very short time.