Robust and all-terrain exterior design

Explore our “Mercedes Benz Citan Offroad Exterior” category. Here you will find everything your Citan needs for a robust and off-road appearance. From high-quality off-road rims to shockproof front and rear bumpers to robust underrun protection elements. Each product is specifically tailored to the needs of off-road enthusiasts and fits perfectly with the powerful image of the Mercedes Benz Citan. Improve your driving experience and turn your Mercedes Citan or T-Class into an off-roader. With our off-road exterior products you show that you and your Mercedes Benz Citan are ready for any adventure.

Increased ground clearance for driving on rough terrain

Thanks to our rough-road suspension springs with extended shock absorbers, you can equip your Mercedes Benz Citan with increased ground clearance so that you no longer have problems on rough terrain such as forest and meadow paths. With the 30mm lift for the Mercedes Benz Citan and T-Class you also have the option of using larger wheel tire combinations. So that you are on the safe side, we of course provide a corresponding TÜV parts certificate. But be informed, you should definitely leave the installation of the springs to the professionals. It is therefore advisable to leave the installation of the lift springs for Citan to your trusted workshop. You are also welcome to have us carry out the installation. We have years of experience with our products and can install them properly and then measure the vehicle.

Robust front spoiler as a visual highlight

The Mercedes Benz Citan Offroad exterior offers a robust front spoiler option that is a real visual highlight. This spoiler gives your Citan a distinctive and adventurous look, perfect for off-road excursions. Further upgrades such as robust side skirts and special off-road tires are also available in our online shop. If you would like a complete bike offer, simply contact us via one of the usual channels and we will make you an offer. These high-quality exterior parts are not only functional, but they also increase the resale value of your vehicle. Get your Mercedes Benz Citan ready for any adventure!

Side skirts and wheel arch extensions for a robust look

Discover our selection of exterior upgrades for the Mercedes Benz Citan Offroad. From side skirts that give your vehicle a robust look to wheel arch attachments that complete the stable off-road look. But it's not just the look that improves, the add-on parts also protect against minor collisions so that the rest of the car is spared. Improve the aesthetics and function of your Citan Offroad with high-quality, long-lasting accessories. Whether you're off-roading or just love the aggressive off-road look, our exterior parts will enhance your vehicle's performance and style. Browse through our range and find the perfect addition to your Mercedes Benz Citan Offroad.

Roof rack as an additional transport option

Explore our range of Mercedes Benz Citan off-road exterior accessories. Our robust roof racks are ideal for additional storage space and make your Citan ready for any adventure. They are easy to install and fit your Citan perfectly. Whether it's camping gear or a surfboard, with a roof rack you'll be prepared for anything. Discover the off-road potential of your Citan with our high-quality exterior accessories.

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